Don't Neglect Your Eye Health

Visit a local optometrist in Colorado Springs, CO

If it's been a while since you had your eyes checked, you could be living with poor vision. Eyes change slowly, and you might be surprised at the difference a new pair of glasses or contacts can make. Come to Impressive Eyes Optical for an eye exam and find out if your old prescription is outdated.

Our local optometrist in Colorado Springs, CO will perform a thorough evaluation of your current eye health. We test for overall vision as well as problems like glaucoma, cataracts and retinal diseases. You'll receive an updated prescription so you can replace your old eyewear and enjoy 20-20 vision again.

Schedule an appointment with our eye doctor today. We accept several vision insurance policies! We are happy to provide pediatric eye exams.

High-quality eye care at a reasonable price

Taking care of your eyes doesn't have to be a sacrifice. Impressive Eyes Optical is a locally owned and operated optical store that's dedicated to helping people of all backgrounds. Our eye doctor accepts several insurance providers to help make eye care affordable.

You don't have to settle for a huge corporation that cares about your money more than your eyes. Visit a local optometrist to receive quality service and care without spending a fortune. Call 719-391-2000 today for more information. Be sure to ask about our eyewear repair!

We carry all kinds of eyewear

There's more to perfect vision than simply using the right lenses. Impressive Eyes Optical is a complete optical store with a large selection of eyewear including Oakley sunglasses. We'll help you find options that are comfortable, stylish and effective. You can...

Shop from a collection of glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, lenses and frames

Get professional repairs so you don't have to replace your favorite pair of glasses

Adjust or tint your glasses to make them more comfortable and functional

Our local optometrist can recommend glasses that will protect your eyes and help you see clearly without being distracting. We are also a vendor for the VA, providing VA eye exams & VA glasses. Visit our store today to get started.